As an organization, health is one of the key thematic areas that we focus on. We understand that health is a fundamental aspect of human well-being and development, and we are committed to ensuring that our communities have access to quality health care services.

One of the ways we promote health in Kajiado County is by supporting community health initiatives. We work closely with local communities to identify their health needs and provide them with the necessary resources and training to address those needs. For instance, we have organized several health camps where people can access free HPV vaccines and consultations with medical professionals. We have also trained community health workers to provide basic health services to their communities.

We also prioritize the promotion of health education and awareness in Kajiado County. We believe that health education is key to preventing illnesses and promoting healthy lifestyles. We have developed several health education programs targeting different groups of people in the county, including school children, women, and men. Through these programs, we aim to educate people on topics such as hygiene, nutrition, disease prevention, and family planning, among others.

Enai Africa has made a significant progress in advocating for health and nutrition in Kajiado County. To ensure success, we have been working closely with the county government of Kajiado, Health institutions and the community at large and we are proud to have made such an amazing effort. Having access to health services goes a long way in affirming productivity since it cuts across every other thing a human being endeavors in. Your body id the center engine that propels us to work and if it is affected then we have a problem. In light of this we are relentlessly working to raise a bar on health accessibility and we are thrilled
to have support that allows us maneuver.

We believe that Community Units (CUs) sit at the center of Universal Health Coverage (UHC

This is because UHC is more than ensuring that all citizens can access quality affordable health care at health facilities, it is also reducing the number of people who need to visit hospitals through preventive measures at the household level.

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