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ENAI-Africa is implementing a Community Health Units for Universal Health Coverage – CHU4UHC project funded by Johnson and Johnson Foundation.

ENAI-Africa is looking for Interested Consultant/s to submit their Letters of Interest to carry out a baseline survey on status or an overview of Community Health Workers and Community Healthcare System in Kajiado County. The survey is set to commence on 2nd April 2020.

Interested Consultant/s should submit their application indicating the following;

  • Versed and experience in undertaking Health related survey.
  • An elaboration of the approach, methodology, portray the ability to complete the exercise within the timeline.
  • A capability statement which will include the following among others
    • CV of the consultant;
    • Committed availability for the entire period of the assignment. We envisage a maximum of 20 days.
  • A detailed financial proposal, including the consultant’s fees and any other necessary resources required for the assignment.

Complete application should be sent to: info@enaiafrica.org by Monday 30th, March 2020.

Featured post

Official Launch of Oltiili Lewang’an Women Dairy

Oltiili Lewang’an Women Dairy officially launched and in operation at MRTC Isinya. The women own the project to improve economic sustainability. The plant has a capacity of storing 3200 liters coolant, Collection of milk and value addition on milk products will be processed.

The Right Rev. Gaddiel K. Lenini the Bishop ACK Diocese of Kajiado Officially cuts a ribbon during the launch of the dairy

Naretoi Water purification project

Naretoi water purification project is an initiative of ENAI- women groups that focuses in addressing water challenges they face in daily basis thus ensure access to water clean and safe for all. The women through the social enterprise project will purify and bottled water for economic sustainability. The project is set to be launched in a couple of weeks.

Health Camp

We are pleased to announce the upcoming Health Camp event which will be held on 11th – 12th October 2019 at Dominion Chapel grounds Kiserian. A hub of activities will be conducted ranging from cancer screening and health awareness.


So happy for this move..! I support and encourage alternative locally available  raw materials – Eco-friendly resuable . Plastic is a major source of health and environmental problems.

Family Planning

Spearheaded the development of a 5 year family planning cost implementation plan (CIP) for Kajiado County in partnership with the County Department of Health Services.


Naretoi Water Project

An initiative by ENAI – Africa to provide clean water for domestic and livestock use, and reduce conflicts at water points – “MALKA”