Social Entrepreneurship

Improvement of socio economic empowerment of women by initiatives such as setting up markets for handicrafts domestically and finding markets at international levels. ENAI has also establishing table banking system (micro – banking) which has helped women save and loan each other with small margins of interest of 2%.

Change Stories

Table banking has really helped the Naretoi women. These women are in groups of ten members each. The women are able to save money that helps them in so many ways e.g. paying school fees, putting food on their tables, buying assets such as cows, goats and sheep. Table banking helps these women to develop socially and not to fully depend on their husbands for all the basic needs. "Am really grateful am part of the table banking because I now own my own cows", Mrs Evelyn Naisiae said. "You know in the Maasai culture the cattle belong to the men and not the women, so owning my own makes me a very proud woman." she added.