The organization focuses of management of natural resources while encouraging pastoralist farmers to engage in practices that are friendly to the environment while discouraging overgrazing, charcoal burning among others.

Change Stories

In the past firewood has been the source of energy for most Maasai women. They travel to forests and fetch as much firewood as they can and carry it on their backs. When a woman was pregnant she would fetch firewood that will sustain her when she gives birth until when she gets strength after the firewood would be stocked both outside and inside the house. "I remember anytime I got pregnant I would fetch firewood that would almost get to the ceiling of my manyatta" says Mrs. Ipaso Yiaro "but with this ecofriendly jikos my life has been made easier." she added. With this jikos the environment is conserved since deforestation is reduced. Women remain in good health since there is no emission of smoke that can be harmful to their health.