Livestock and Food Security

Food security project focuses on protection of livestock assets, maximizing productivity and herd growth for poorer agro pastoral households as its overall project goal. To address this, the organization is working with the county government on formulation and implementation of policies that promote livestock production, promote herd growth through natural resource sharing, management, reducing conflicts at water sources and access to social services for livestock and equip women and youth with knowledge and skills for entrepreneurship and marketing of animals and livestock products.

The Maasai people are a pastoralist community that relies heavily on livestock for their livelihoods and food security. However, climate change and environmental degradation have had a significant impact on their ability to produce and access food. This is why ENAI Africa works with the Maasai community to improve food security by promoting sustainable agriculture and enhancing livestock productivity

One of the key areas of focus for ENAI Africa is promoting sustainable agriculture practices among the community. We work with the Maasai community to promote sustainable agriculture practices, such as conservation agriculture, agroforestry, and crop diversification. These practices help to conserve natural resources, improve soil fertility, and enhance food security.

We work to improve livestock productivity among the community since it is a critical source of food and income for the  community. However, livestock productivity is often low due to poor animal health, limited access to water and feed, and inadequate animal husbandry practices. ENAI Africa works with the Maasai community to improve livestock productivity by promoting animal health and husbandry practices, enhancing access to water and feed, and promoting the use of high-quality livestock breeds.

We provide Capacity building and advocacy on modern methods of farming like drip irrigation and grant support of the community in construction of affordable greenhouses.

ENAI Africa has also initiated and partnered with other grass-root agencies in adoption of modern technologies eg kitchen gardens and the “Schools Fruits and Vegetable Production Project”. The goal is to introduce schools feeding programme that is self-sustaining. The milk project: this is an initiative with the women at grassroots level to collect milk and preserve in a coolant then repackaging for school feeding program and sell it to other vendors. This initiative will benefit women since milk is the only commodity that they are perceived to own, by selling and encouraging them to do value addition of their milk, to produce products like cheese, yogurt.


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