We recognize its fundamental importance in promoting human development and improving the quality of life. We work towards improving access to quality education, increasing enrollment rates, and promoting education as a means of empowering individuals and communities in Kajiado County.

Improving Access to Education

We support child enrollment in schools and re-entry of teenange mothers to school.

Improving Quality of Education

We support feeding programs in schools and working to ensure children have a conducive learning environment

Enai Africa focuses to promote early childhood education during the early stages of a child’s life for both boys and girls. We are equipped with knowledge and skills in order to deal with unique challenges that face children at early stages of a child’s life which are the most crucial of all stages and are the foundation of their future development. We target to ensure that both boys and girls among the indigenous communities enroll to education systems and all their needs met. This is to increase literacy skills among adult learners and provide an equal education opportunities for both boys and girls during their coming stages of life. 

Enai Africa’s mission is to improve the quality of life for pastoralist communities by focusing on the quality of life of the pastoralist communities by focusing on early childhood education. It has been proven that children who get all their needs at early stage are able to grow in all stages of life successfully. Enai Africa has therefore pulled its resources and energy to ensure that the indigenous communities are not left behind despite the many challenges that they are facing through building a center of excellence at Naretoi, supporting school feeding programs, training of health workers, organizational capacity building development, sexual and reproductive health programmes, community engagement and advocacy among others.

Our objectives have been achieved through

Responsive care giving during and after COVID-19. This is because the pandemic came with own unique challenges and worsened those challenges that were already there. Both school children and parents were affected dearly and many did not reopen schools after the pandemic. Many young children rely on schools for their meals and due to the pandemic, many children lacked nutritious food and proper stimulation. This is because most of them come from poverty-stricken background and have continually lived with these challenges. Many children due to their young age could not go to school because of hunger while some slept on the way. Immediately the communities were affected by severe drought which immensely affected the communities that worsened the situation. Enai Africa is one organization that has stood on the gap to make sure that ECD children have gone back to school and that their learning environment is conducive for

Training of health workers. Enai Africa which has focused on early childhood education (ECD) ensures that the children at school are healthy happy and active at school and in the society. This can be effectively being done through training of health workers on the importance of proper health care practices at that younger stage like balanced diet and by providing a nutritious porridge to various ECD schools.

Community engagement and advocacy. Enai Africa focuses on indigenous communities at their grass root level. This is a strategy used where the community is invited in the processes of decision making, planning, implementing, and evaluation. The community is therefore actively involved in decision making and therefore come up with the desired results.

ECD School feeding program. Enai Africa focuses to strengthen the school’s feeding programs in various schools in Kajiado county. This was fueled by compassion due to consistent droughts making the indigenous people to lose a lot pf cattle that are a source of their livelihood. This worsened their poverty levels making them hard to get a meal hence children could not attend school due to hunger. Many did not concentrate in class as others slept on their way to school endangering their lives. Enai Africa therefore stood in the gap to make sure that the children’s care services are accessible, affordable and inclusive for
the betterment of their education and their lives.

Advocacy and initiatives on Ant-FGM and early marriages. Enai Africa uses this platform to sensitize young girls on the importance of education and to avoid
retrogressive cultural practices for example FGM and early marriages. The schoolmanagement and the community are also sensitized on the importance of protecting the girl child against such practices.

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