Our Focus

Our Programs


Our goal is to help communities achieve optimal health outcomes. Through our projects, we aim at promoting healthy behaviors and lifestyles


We aim to improve the standards of living of the Maasai Women

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Our focus is on promoting sustainable development and protecting the environment through conservation and climate action


We focus on promoting good governance and accountability through policy advocacy


We focus on promoting education and knowledge sharing as a way to empower individuals and communities. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for pastoralist communities by focusing the quality of life of the pastoralist communities by focusing on early childhood education.


We address gender equality and empower women and girls, as well as men and boys to participate fully and equally in social, economic and political life


Indigenous people face unique challenges that are often rooted in historical injustices and discrimination. We aim to promote and protect their rights and support their empowerment and self-determination

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We address drought issues as it heavily affects the availability of food in the maasai community and we work on how to alleviate the situation

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