About Us

Who We Are

ENAI – Africa was inspired by the passion to empower, protect and enlighten girls and women on their human rights. The founder and vision bearer was inspired to be a crusader of gender rights through advocacy and empowerment for indigenous communities with a special heart for women and girls first in her village, then later expanded to other areas in Kenya, regionally and at global platforms.

ENAI–Africa’s objective is to enable indigenous communities in Kenya and other areas in Africa to achieve gender equity, food security, quality health, improved education and social economic empowerment, protect indigenous knowledge, embrace good governance and utilize natural resources to improve their standards of living.

We advocate for human rights and provide technical support to communities, various groups in designing and implementing participatory holistic development approaches and interventions which utilize community skills, knowledge and experience for accountability, ownership and sustainability.


A healthy, food secure and developed pastoral community in Africa


To improve the quality of life for pastoral communities by harnessing holistic participation, resource utilization in improving health, food security, education, democracy and governance, natural resource management, gender equality for equitable and sustainable development


Overall Goal

Our overall goal is to ensure indigenous pastoralist communities have their space in Africa, live with dignity and in harmony with each other. Our purpose is to offer technical support in designing and implementing participatory holistic approach and development interventions by use of community skills, knowledge and experience on human rights.

According to our philosophy

‘Every human being is a unique individual and that s/he has a right to an environment in which s/he can live with dignity’

We are guided by our Stategic Plan that provides policy framework which is informed by our constitution and International Sustainable Development Goals with a view of making a difference within target community beneficiaries.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Lanoi Parmuat

Executive Director

George Martin

Senior Accountant

Marrion Makani

Communications Officer

Brian Omondi

Program Officer

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